FUE Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation began in the 1940s and in 1998, and with the development of follicles extraction, the process of the natural hair transplant began to be applied and spread over all the world that has played a predominant role in the establishment of modern hair transplant methods. On the other hand, in 2003, FUE technique, a technique by which follicles were obtained one by one so after that the FUE technique became the golden rule in hair transplantation.
so now we can say after 2003 the FUE technique made a lot of better things to the hair transplantation world

Our hair transplant center currently uses the latest FUE technique the Sapphire FUE technique.

Follicular Unit Extraction .

Nowadays, the hair transplantation using the FUE technique as preferred the best technique for the hair transplant surgery

How the FUE Standard method works ?

Blood analayisation :

The doctor do analayis for the blood and after when the result all is fine

The Hair line :

The doctor do the plan for the hair line how it will as a natural hair line from the front of the forehead of the face

Local anesthia :

then the patient sleep on his face and the doctor start to do the local anesthia

Extract the hair grafts :

Start to exctract the follicle (The hair grafts ) from the donor area where the doctor determine that area it can be from the back area of the head and it can be from the beard and also from the chest,This may be done between 1-3 hours and it depend on the number of the grafts ,

Implant the hair grafts :
Then after when the doctor done from exctracting the hair grafts the next step is to open the channels where is the doctor determine where the hair transplant will be and this step will take like 1 hour and the exctracted hair will be implanted in the areas where the doctor make the hair holes in other word the hair channels

so the process all of it will takes something like 5-6 hours,

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